Save time and money by letting the system do the work for you. Mange your carriers, tender the loads and receive updates on the status and allow your customers to get tracking information through our customer portal. You can also combine the Broker Package with the Carrier Package if this applies to your company!

Load Board Integration with Autodial

With Amous TMS, you will be able to post your customers shipments directly to your favorite load boards from the system. This means, you will enter the data in once, post the load information and then tender that information to the carrier without anymore steps in between. This integration will save you countless hours since information is all in one place, and is managed with a click of a button, instead of constantly calling and emailing to confirm details.

Branch System

The Branch System is how you organize your clients, carriers, offices and employees within Amous TMS. Each client receives their own branch level which is fully customizable from the logo shown to the address used when creating a new load order for them. Group these branches into divisions and offices and assign your users so they only see the information they need. The way the Branch System is organized, enter the information once, and the TMS will automatically organize your data and making your employees lives a little easier.

Carrier Management

You’ll be able to enter every carrier you work with and even assign them to specific a branch or grouping of branch levels. Assign terminals, contact information, equipment’s being used, documents, tender process and load status/tracking information. By setting your carriers up once, all you will have to do is select them when needed and the system will automatically pull all the data and settings to make the dispatching/tender process seamless.

Carrier Rating Engine

In each carrier profile, you will be able to create a rating engine that will automatically calculate the cost of each carrier when assigning them to a route. Enter their main compensation based on the agreement, any accessorials (additional charges) and pay-to locations, and the TMS will do all the work for you as long as you use that carrier. You will also be able to compare all of you carriers when deciding to which one to assign to a route!

Carrier Dispatching

After a carrier is selected for a route, all you have to do is tender the information to them with the rate confirmation and then the TMS will update all of the information and remind the carrier to update the status on the load.


The carriers will be able to update the status on the load either through their access to the TMS or by sending you information from their ELD/GPS unit. This way, you get live updates on where the freight is, making sure you have full visibility over the status, and also give customers a view on where the shipment is through the customer portal.

Settlements/Rate Reconciliation

Once a load order has been delivered, you will be able to cover in detail all of the charges and create a settlement. The Rate Reconciliation will allow you to compare invoiced costs, to actual costs and find the difference between them. This will allow you to keep better track of expenses and predict future costs with that carrier. Once finished, you will be able to create a batch of settlements and send them to the carrier.

Customer Portal

One of the most lacking aspects of logistics is the visibility on the shipment status by customers. Instead of wasting time calling, emailing and trying to ease the customers mind that the shipment is on-time, they will be able to access their own portal and see the status on the freight and communicate directly from the portal. Updates either from the system or ELDs/GPS units will give them accurate data and the peace of mind that their freight is safe and on its way.

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