Save time and money by letting the system do the work for you. Post your equipment on your favorite load boards and let Amous TMS search for you and AutoDial while you dispatch your drivers, invoice your customers, manage your fleet and so much more!

Load Board Integration with Autodial

With Amous TMS, you will be able to search through all of your load boards at the same time using your logins from your favorite load boards. Post multiple equipment’s and then set your criteria, and the system will automatically search in the background while you work on other parts of the system like dispatching and fleet management. Once a load is found meeting your criteria, a pop-up window will allow you to view a summary and click “Call Now” to be one of the first in line with the broker to bid on the load!

Branch System

The Branch System is how you organize your clients, offices and employees within Amous TMS. Each client receives their own branch level which is fully customizable from the logo shown to the address used when creating a new load order for them. Group these branches into divisions and offices and assign your users so they only see the information they need. The way the Branch System is organized, enter the data in there once, and the TMS will automatically organize your data and making your employees lives a little easier.

Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management includes a profile for your Drivers, Trucks and Trailers. You’ll be able to enter and keep track of specific data and even get notifications when documents like licenses and certifications are going to expire. Schedule maintenances and keep track of any additional components that are added to your fleet. Assign Trucks and Trailers to drivers, so that whenever a driver is selected for a route, the system will automatically use the correct equipment.

Dispatching with Autorating

When dispatching, select from a list of available drivers and compare how much it will cost you to use each driver and their distance to the pickup. The TMS pulls status updates from the Mobile App and ELD/GPS integrations, giving you accurate calculations. The Auto-Rating engine calculates the drivers pay based on the settings you enter in their profile. For more help, the Auto-Assign function will automatically select the cheapest or closest driver so that you don’t have to waste time. Once selected, the information is sent directly to the driver through the Mobile App.

Mobile app for communication/documents

Amous Internationals Driver Mobile App is what makes the entire TMS come to life because of the direct and live data that is received. Drivers will be able to see which load they are assigned to, update their status, upload documents and communicate directly with the dispatcher. Notifications will alert them whenever a change is made to their routes and itinerary. All specific information and instructions about the load order can also be seen, making sure your customers get the exact service they need.


Create personalized Invoices with your logo/information and keep track on all of their statuses to make sure you are paid on time. Want to create a PDF with the invoice, BOL and POD all in one document? Our PDF Packaging Feature will let you do this. Then, email it directly without having to download and attach the file, saving you countless hours on your invoices! Our integrations with accounting software’s like QuickBooks and Xero will allow you to send information from Amous with one click.


With Amous International TMS, you will be able to create payrolls with the information that is already in the system from previous steps. All you will need to do is update any of the expenses and then create a payroll for whatever time period you want. The system will then create a batch of the routes the driver was assigned to during that period, and you can then keep track on the status of that payroll. Again, our integrations with accounting software’s like QuickBooks and Xero will allow you to send information from Amous with one click. Drivers can also see their payroll within Driver Mobile App!


As mentioned above, you’ll be able to connect your fleet through ELD’s and GPS units, all while receiving driver updates through the Mobile App. You’ll have a live update on the location of your fleet, making sure the routes don’t overlap and your events are all on-time. Your customers can also access this information through email updates or access to the TMS through our customer portal. Analytics will allow you to create any chart you like and dashboards to group these charts to make sure your company is healthy and growing.

Load Consolidation

Need to create a route with multiple customer load orders, drivers and stops? Our Load Consolidation (Route Builder) will do this for you! Add multiple customer load order pickups and drop them at a terminal and have another driver pick them up and drop them off at the drop locations. The feature will automatically calculate their pay and make sure the sequence of events are correct.

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