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Amous International TMS is proud to announce the integration with DAT Load Board! You may be wondering, what’s the big deal? Let us tell you why.

A Load Board connected to a TMS will give you a competitive advantage in getting more business. This will lead to growth and time savings that improve your company’s bottom line. How does this happen? By allowing users to search for loads, auto-dial, automatically dispatch and manage every aspect of the load from one platform.

One of the most important tools that give this competitive advantage is Autodialing. A never-ending issue with Truckers/Carriers not getting the business they need is because someone else beats them to it, which is frustrating. Autodial automatically gets you connected with the load, so you are one of, if not, the first in line. The time others spend to search for the load, switch between different screens, dial the phone number and get connected with the load owner, you will have already won the business you need.

Shippers also have an advantage of being able to reach a high number of users with just one post, instead of calling or sending emails individually. Together with the TMS, time savings will lead to improvement in your company’s bottom line since everything you need is within one system.

Give Amous TMS and DAT Load Board a try!

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