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Introducing the Lite Version of Amous International. Get all of the basic functions of a TMS for absolutely free. Scroll down to see what Amous Lite Version offers.

Manage your Fleet and Drivers

Connect Dispatchers and Drivers with our mobile version

Book loads instantly

Track your shipments

What do you get?

Amous Lite Version


  • Enterprise Structure
  • Dispatch Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Internal Chat
  • Fleet/Driver Management
  • Data Export
  • Hovering Data Points
  • Business Address Book/Saved Items
  • Synced with Quickbooks
  • Up to 1,000 Customer Load Orders per month

Amous Full Version

FROM $200 Per Month

Amous Lite Plus:

  • Latest Known Location Map
  • Analytics Charts
  • Email
  • Custom Fields
  • Driver Auto Rating
  • System Audit Logs
  • Document Storage
  • Custom Roles Settings
  • Login Page Branding
  • Accounting Package
  • Language Pack
  • Custom Document Creation


Obsolete technology

  • Limited Control
  • Limited Visibility
  • Poor Documentation
  • Complex Calculations
  • Limited Communication
  • Scalability

TMS can get expensive and complicated

And moving from outdated forms of management can be hard. That’s why we are giving you the easy solution that your company needs. Simply use your browser to manage your company, at no cost.


Amous Lite is here!

All goodies
Mobile Version
Visualize data
Hovering points for quick data

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Turn on the growth of your business
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