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1-10 Trucks
300.00 / month
for the first year

Up to 500 Customer Load Orders Per Month

11-20 Trucks
400.00 / month
for the first year

Up to 1,000 Customer Load Orders Per month

21-30 Trucks
500.00 / month
for the first year

Up to 1,500 Customer Load Orders Per Month

30+ Trucks
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for 30+ trucks

We offer special enterprise pricing

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Enterprise structure
Dispatch Dashboard
Mobile Version
Internal Chat
Latest Known Location Map
Analytics Charts
$ 50
Custom Fields
Fleet Driver Management
Driver Auto Rating
Fleet Truck Management
Fleet Truck Schedule Services
Fleet Trailer Management
Fleet Trailer Schedule Services
Broker Package
$ 200
Advance Password Protection
System Audit Logs
Document Storage
Data Export
Hovering Data Points
Custom Roles Settings
Company Saved Items
Business Address Book
Login Page Branding
Accounting Package
QuickBooks Integration
Language Pack
Currency Pack
Custom Document Creation
Additional 500 Customer Load Orders
$ 200

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