What`s our mission?

To make you successful. To give the tools necessary to satisfy the needs for small and large logistics companies.

A Multiform Transportation Management System (TMS)

That adapts to any sized logistics operation

Experience True Management

Think you don’t need a TMS? Think again, the industry is moving forward

Save Time and Money

Amous International TMS will allow you to save countless hours to invest back into your business
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The Engine Driving Your Business Forward


Organize your clients, manage your entire fleet, auto-rate your drivers and dispatch through our Driver Mobile App all while the system searches through your load boards to keep your business growing.


Manage your carriers, auto-rate them and tender load information quickly while receiving live updates to share with your customers to keep them happy.

Are you a…


Automated dispatching with an interactive fleet profile


Full dashboard visibility and customer tracking

Connect to your Drivers
Drivers can get connected through our Android or iOS Mobile App
Communication between your dispatchers and drivers is key, and we have unlocked a new channel for seamless communication and sharing of information.
Dispatch Load Information
Drivers will receive the route information directly from the dispatcher
What Customers Say
We switched from another highly rated TMS software, which we paid a lot for and it didn't even come close to Amous for efficiency and speed. Amous has pushed the TMS game to another level.
Scott / O'Brien Logistics
I have been using Amous TMS over the last few months and it has transformed the operational process making it easier for both my employees and customers.
Amy / Aries Logistics, LLC
Having used Amous International TMS, the functions of this system completely replaced all of my outdated communications, status checks, tracking and invoicing by letting me do everything in one place.
Anna / Dio Transportation Inc.
We were hesitant to switch to a TMS at first, but the Amous team made sure we had a pleasant experience switching over and making sure everything works exactly how we wanted.
Maria / LV Logistics
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