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Pure Freight Lines, a leading Carrier based out of Chicago, Illinois, provides services for its customers spanning from Intermodal/Drayage, Reefer, Expedited/High value goods and specialized movements. Pure moved to Amous from a home-grown TMS to transform their operations.

150 trucks in service

Intermodal/Drayage, Reefer, OTR/FTL, Expedited, High Value

National Top Carrier with Schneider

International Offices giving 24/7 365 coverage



E.L. Hollingsworth, a leading 3PL/Brokerage and Dispatching Company from Michigan with a century of service, operates three separate companies (NAL, TOP, EDS). They offer diverse services for domestic and international shipments, recently transitioning to the Amous platform from a legacy TMS.

Celebrating 100 years in service

Domestic and International Freight

Covers all modes of transportation

Specializes as a LTL 3PL

Experience personalized solutions with Amous, fulfilling all of your TMS needs.

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